Jonathan Poulton Navy

Jonathan Poulton

Jonathan Poulton: A Profile in Naval Excellence

Jonathan Poulton is a seasoned professional within the Royal Australian Navy, boasting an impressive eighteen-year career marked by a series of pivotal roles and contributions. Currently serving as the Flight Commander of 816 Squadron, Flight 8, he oversees critical aviation operations with precision and expertise.

Jonathan’s journey began in 2006 as an Observer Trainee, gradually ascending through various positions within the Navy. Notable roles include his time as a Flight Operations Officer aboard HMAS Darwin and his tenure as an Aviation Warfare Instructor Standards Officer.

With a Bachelor of Business from the Australian Defence Force Academy under his belt, Jonathan combines practical experience with a solid educational foundation.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, as evidenced by his average tenure of nearly two years per role. His contact details—j* and +61--5141—stand as an invitation for those seeking to engage with a seasoned professional in naval operations.

In summary, Jonathan Poulton’s profile is one of unwavering dedication, practical expertise, and a steadfast commitment to serving the Royal Australian Navy.